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Development of Android apps on smartphones and tablets

You don't necessarily have to use a desktop computer or a laptop in order to develop apps for Android. Mobile Android devices are fully-fledged computers and it is therefore possible to have a complete development environment (editor, compiler, de-converter as well as tools in order to pack and sign apps) in one's own bag.

The AIDE app, together with our ProjectBuilder and the class library JDroidLib as well allow programming beginners to create apps directly on tablets and smartphones. Each further installation is not required, so that a complete development environment is executable within minutes.



Android Java IDE (AIDE) allows the creation of Android apps with Android devices directly. The editor has several useful developing tools including real-time bug search, code completion and formation (see installation und use).


ProjectBuilder configures Android projects including the integration of the class library JDroidLib. With the ProjectBuilder, a correct package structure is aquired and the resources are added. Furthermore, the ProjectBuilder is able to unpack Java sources and sprite images from a ZIP archive and to integrate them in the Android project (see installation und use).

The program code of all apps of our Android learning environment can be downloaded from our Android learning environment and edited with AIDE.

The editing of the sources on a smartphone requires quite a light-fingeredness, whereby the displayed code can be enlarged and scrolled arbitrarily.

Android Tablets however, especially the ones with an additional external keyboard offer a programming environment that is similarly effective as the one of a notebook.