Game apps for smartphones and tablets

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Game apps for smartphones and tablets

Do you want to program smartphone apps on your own?

The learning environment offers webbased support for programming beginners without any previous knowledge about Java or special knowledge about Android. Our online editor makes it possible to develop apps and to download readily packed Android apps on the local computer without any local installation (except for JRE) . Therefore, no complicated installation of a local Android development environment is required. By means of such complete, executable examples that can be edited with online editor, the most important programming techinques can be learnt.







The didactically designed class libraries JDroidLib and TcpALib provide software tools on the basis of Java which simplify Android programming. Furthermore, these class libraries with JavaSE JGameGrid and TcpJLib that we use in our learning environment game programming with Java are largely compatible. The game programs can therefore be transported from one system to another without great effort. Users preferring a local development environment to the online editor can download the class libraries from the website There, you can find as well the installation instructions the use under Eclipse and NetBeans.

The programs are developed in the browser of the local computer and compiled on our webserver and converted into Dalvic code. The readily packed and signed app is then automatically downloaded on the local computer and is transferred to the phone via USB cable and run. it can be as well be saved locally and installed on a smartphone later on

In order to test the programs, you can as well use Andoid-Emulator on the development computer. You can find instructions for the installation of the emulator and further instructions under user information.