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Mitteilung This forum is a public platform for remarks, questions, criticism and supplements concerning Python, the TigerJython IDE and the TigerJython Tutorial found at


Your are kindly invited to participate actively by publishing new threads or replying to existing threads.

You may use your native tongue, but you reach more readers if your message is written in English, German or French.

Formatting hints:
In the text fields "Subject", "Author" und "Message" accents and special HTML characters (<,>,",&, etc.) are automatically converted to the corresponding HTML escape sequences. As consequence they are displayed correctly on all platforms.

In the text field "Message" you may include HTML tags: Prefix the tag with <*> This inhibits the conversion to escape sequences until </*> is found. In between <*> and </*> you may use HTML tags as usual (inspired by Wiki).

Example: The entry:

This is a <*><b>bold</b></*> word

is displayed as

This is a bold word

HTML link tags are rejected because they are often used for advertisements and spam messages. If you absolutely need to include them in your message, send an e-mail to the forum administrator help[at]tigerjython.com. The same holds for images.

To keep the source code indenting and force a monospace font, put your program between <**> and </**>

Example: The entry

def welcome();
    print "Hello"

is displayed as

def welcome();
print "Hello"

A message sent to the forum can only be modified or deleted by the forum administrator.

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